As we develop through infancy, childhood and into adulthood, our brains grow a certain way.


What I would like to explain in this blog, is the intricate relationship our brain has with our immune system.
The brain is the controller of the immune response. The left immune centre is the action side and it activates antibodies when illness threatens. The right side suppresses the immune system by preventing it from becoming overactive.

From the moment the brain starts growing in the womb, to the moment of birth, and up to age two, brain development is concentrated on the right side. Anything that interferes with prenatal development, the birthing process, or healthy growth during the first two years of life can affect how the right brain grows. This is probably the reason why a right brain deficiency is more common than a left brain deficiency.

What happens if the left brain is weak, or deficient?
Bacteria, viruses and other ‘bugs’ cross the line of least resistance and head for sinuses, lungs, and respiratory system. Kids with left brain deficiencies seem to get ‘sick’ a lot. If something is going around, they always get it. Also, these kids seem to get a lot of ear infections.

What happens if the right brain is weak, or deficient?
This puts the immune system in ‘overdrive’. It goes on the defence, even in the absence of an enemy, and speeds out of control. In addition to asthma and allergies, it can create subtler problems in the form of chronic food sensitivities.

When the right goes wrong!

  • It is associated with poor tone.
  • Delayed and poor gross motor skills – balance, rhythm, and coordination.
  • Hard time making friends. Say the wrong things.
  • Picky eaters.
  • Read, but can not make sense of it.
  • Poor attention, compulsivity.
  • Allergies, asthma, poor digestion, rapid heartbeat.

This is a very cursory overview of how our brains and immune system are inter-twined. It is fascinating how complex the human brain and body are, and I hope this blog post provides some insight for you.

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