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Your brain and body must continuously communicate with each other. The brain and your spinal cord are part of the central nervous system of the human body.  Constant movement is required to stimulate the nerves and give feedback.  It is imperative that the spine is part of a person’s healthy lifestyle as it plays a large role in how well a person functions and performs daily.

We know that posture is important to your health.  Forward head posture has been studied for decades.  It has been shown that for every inch the head moves forward the force on the spine increases by 10-12 pounds. A study in the 1980’s found that for every dime of pressure on the spinal nerve that exits the spinal column, there is at least 60% less information being communicated.  It shows how important it is to make sure your spine is moving well, and your posture is as optimal as possible. 

Modern chiropractic was first discovered in 1895 by David Daniel Palmer (D.D. Palmer).  Chiropractic, or the idea of manual therapy on the spine has been around much longer than that.  It is listed as one of five areas that were addressed in oriental medicine thousands of years ago.  Making sure the spine is moving properly is an important part of a person’s health.

We are meant to move.  Movement feeds our brains invaluable neurological information.  This information comes from our joints and our spinal posture, and it unconsciously feels our way through our environments. It is our ability to move and explore our surroundings that coincided with our brain’s evolution.  We navigate our gravitational field with just two limbs touching the ground.  We have had to learn to rely on complex neurological inputs from our environment to execute these movements. These inputs, combined with our cerebral cortices to make conscious decisions and allow us to create through ideas and sense our feelings, has led us to our high level of performance that we can enjoy each day.

However, when movement is interrupted, we slip into what is called our ‘reptilian brain’, which shifts our reactions to more of a survival mode. 

D.D. Palmer recognized this when he performed an adjustment.  He helped the spine move and stimulated the nerves to help balance the nervous system and restore optimal health through movement and improving posture.

As chiropractors we help promote overall performance through the adjustment that re-establishes the body’s natural environment. That is why chiropractic is a part of many people’s lifestyles.  It feels good to feel good!