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One day my Mom calls me and tells me her knee surgery is being scheduled earlier than expected. This means she can not make it to my cousin’s wedding in Edmonton. She says she has a ticket and can change it for me. I accepted.
I arrived in Edmonton and had a great weekend at my cousin’s wedding. I was scheduled to fly out Monday September 10th, 2012. I remember this day like it was yesterday. I sat down next to this handsome guy, at gate 50 at EIA. I love my coffee, and our flight is 6:30am. I am being honest when I say I got up and accidentally spilled coffee on him. Seriously, I actually spilt it on his computer. I was thinking, ‘S*&T! I am in so much debt I can not pay for that’.
I apologized profusely, and he was so nice and made a joke. Then, we locked eyes. “Oh s*&t!!! That is my soul mate. It really is my soul-mate”.
Have you ever noticed how hard it is to describe love? It really is a feeling. For me the feeling was an instant gut reaction, a moment that simply stopped in time, I could tell you what the flight check-in person was wearing, the black sweater he was wearing, the feeling that without a hesitation I would take a bullet for him right there and then get up and take him wherever he wants to go because he is that special. I am tearing up writing this out….
We got on the same flight back to Toronto and it was the most excruciating four hours of my life! I was sitting a few rows back from him on the plane, and I could not stop starring at him.
When we finally landed, I got off the plane, to see that he was waiting for me!!! He asked me out to dinner for that evening. (He will say that I asked him, meh…who really cares right?)
Long story short. Two days later I decided I would move to Edmonton. We decided not to tell our families, as they would think we are nuts.
Three months to the day I moved out to Edmonton, Alberta. December 12, 2012 I arrived to move into his condo together.
If you want to know the two and a half day drive we did across Canada, ask me.
If you want to know how I did it, I sold almost everything I owned and slept on the floor of my apartment with a pillow and blanket so I could move to be with him.
We got engaged seven months later and married two years to the day we met. I am excited to report we are still happily married.