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Foundations of Health – The Ground Floor with prevention 

The foundations of health requires four areas to be working optimally.  These include:

  1. Breathing
  2. Bowel movements (Everyone loves to chat about their poop!)
  3. Blood sugar levels
  4. Sleep

The only way one of these areas is not optimal is if there is dysregulation of your autonomic nervous system.  The autonomic nervous system is part of the central nervous system and oversees bodily functions unconsciously; breathing, heart beat, digestive processes are some examples.

I begin with this explanation with most patients because I often hear how difficult sleep is, or that people wake at night to go to the bathroom (and think this is normal).  I am also not surprised at how many people are breathing shallow and are constipated.  Give me a person who smiles and is happy when they are constipated!  It does not work that way!

First, take care of your autonomic nervous system (central nervous system).  Chiropractic adjustments can help normalize your nervous system so that these bodily functions work better.  Generally, people feel better after an adjustment, and then it is easier for them to make other necessary changes in their lives to improve their health.

I am also a believer of lifestyle changes which are key to the foundations of health.  We are stressed!  However, you can manage your stress and it makes a difference in your health.  You will feel more relaxed, and possibly laugh more and have fun!  When you are less stressed you breathe deeper and have more oxygen available for bodily functions.  When you are more relaxed you can also have a bowel movement!

Sleep is always a more complicated topic to speak about, as well as blood sugar levels.  Here are a few tips to kip in mind.

Sleep is for your body.  Often sleep is off if your blood-sugar levels are off.  Rest is for your spirit! Try sleep hygiene!  Get to bed consistently, and wake at the same time each day.

To help with your blood-sugar levels, finish eating three hours before bed time, drink plenty of water and move throughout the day!  Bursts of 1-2minutes of exercise throughout the day can be beneficial.