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Did you know that neuroscience is researching what a chiropractic adjustment does on the brain?  Research has noted that spinal function seems to be one factor the brain uses as part of its processing and integration of information. Scientists have learned that when the nervous system gets new or unaccustomed inputs, changes occur in the way the system processes the inputs. Over the past ten years research groups have demonstrated that an adjustment can change various aspects of nervous system function.  One example of changes that can occur is the speed at which the brain processes information. Researchers have proposed that through a spinal adjustment normal movement patterns can be restored and a more natural pattern of input from the spine to the central nervous system can occur. Check out this research in the book by Dr. Heidi Haavik called, ‘The Reality Check’.

Tidbit of information on Alzheimer’s:

  1. A study in 2016 published in Neurology, found that taking a calcium supplement of 1000mg/day can increase chances of Alzheimer’s by 700%.
  2. A study published in the journal Stroke in 2017 found that 1 diet soda per day increased risk of Alzheimer’s by 300%.