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So what is it to be adaptable?  I talk about adaptation with patients everyday.

Our spinal cords are like ‘guitar strings’ they are attached at the top and bottom of the spinal column.  The tone of this ‘string’ sets the tone for every tissue, cell and organ in the body.

The idea is that the tone should be at ease, and thus you would be in a state of well-being/health.  If there is an increased tension on the spinal cord, this leads to dis-ease/dis-cord.

So how is the tone changed?  It comes down to how well you are able to cope with stress.  Stress is like a nutrient to the body.  It is how well you cope with everyday stressors that seems to determine if you are ‘sick’ or have symptoms.  There is no research showing a link between stress itself and being sick.  It comes down to how you manage your stress.

That leads us to adaptation!

If you have resilience and reserve available, you are better equipped to manage your stress and stay healthy.  How do you know if you have that?

There are actually some ways to test it.  In our clinic we use a neuro spinal scanning system to detect and monitor harmful tension within the spinal core, and see if any damaging stress patterns may be affecting spinal health and impacting overall wellness.

How you feel and function are two separate things.

I will expand on this idea in next weeks’ blog!